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The invitation for 20th Danish International Swim Cup is now online!
Registration files for events can be found here:
Registration files for accommodation, meals and events can be found here:
The 19th edition was completely booked, and we expect the same to happen next year.
Therefor we recommend pre-registering for the competition. Pre-registration is open from now until 19th of March 2017. After this only final registrations will be accepted.
A pre-registration shall consist of expected number of swimmers and starts and if possible expected number of coaches/leaders.
There will be open for registrations from January 2nd 2017 and deadline will be 19th of April 2017.
On January 2nd all registration files will be available on this page.
All questions and inquires can be forwarded to
We hope to see many of you in 2017 for the 20th Danish International Swim Cup here in Esbjerg!
77 teams from 7 countries have announced their arrival in 2017.
Status of registrations for 20th Danish International Swim Cup as per 20/04-2017. Registration is now closed.
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19th Danish International Swim Cup are now over!
Vi hope everyone has had a nice competition - see you again 26-28 of May 2017!
All results can be here in one file, or per event here.
Result file in Lenex-format can be found here..
During the competition 33 competition records was broken, so the full list of records now looks like this.